There’s a reason why every successful business has a PROFESSIONAL website.

Isn’t it time your company finally gets a quality website?

Your Website Includes:


 Premium Web Design

Your website will be a state of the art creation by a talented web design team. Not only will it be pleasing to the eye, but it will also have a back-end structure which is the absolute most advantageous for high search engine rankings so more people will find you!

No Huge Start-Up Fees

Unlike all other companies, there are no expensive design, install, and start-up fees to get started which eliminates a huge upfront cost normally involved with having a professional web presence. We’re looking to make you happy for life!

 One-on-One Project Management

You will be working one-on-one with your Project Manager who’s team will act as warriors promoting your business throughout the life of your website.. You will now how access to a private consultant who will manage, inform, train & sweat for your company!

 Pay No Other Fees, Period.

What you see is what you get. There are no other fees involved with our service which will include everything that you need to have an efficient & professional website for your company with the best cost per benefit ratio advertising GUARANTEED!

 Do It Yourself Editing

With our easy to use control panel, you can log in and add, change and delete pages on your website yourself. Take a hands-on approach to your website and don’t rely on anyone else to get it the way you want it. No coding expertise required. Just click and go!

 No Long Term Contract

Our primary goal is to keep you happy day after day. If you don’t feel as though we are doing our job to your satisfaction, then we don’t want you to feel obligated to stay with us next year. Therefore we do not have a multiple-year service contract!

 On Going Maintenance

As time goes on, you will want changes to your website. Included is content update/maintenance which will keep you current with your customers. When it’s time to make a change to your website, just pick up the phone or email your project manager, then consider it done!

 Website Hosting

Your website will need to be hosted on servers for the world to see. We take care of that. Our Servers boast of a 99.9% up-time since 2004 so you can be confident in our guarantee that your website will be there for you and your customers day in and day out 24/7!

 Personalized Email Addresses

Have as many ‘users@yourcompany.com’ email addresses as you want. These addresses can be forwarded to an existing email address, or used with a web mail like gmail or email client like Outlook. Have a professional image and brand your company!

 Website Updates / Security Patches

Our team worries about this so you don’t have to. Throughout the years, new technology comes out and we apply that technology to your website. As well, our team keeps your website up to date on security patches so that your content stays safe from hackers.

 Search Engine Optimization

Your website will come stocked with a state of the art, optimization structure which results in the best search engine results in the industry. We also get you listed with all the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing so people can find you!

 Ongoing Education

Through our members only newsletter as well as the one-on-one connection to your personal consultant, you will begin to get a wealth of knowledge which will help you to use the Internet to market your services more effectively.

 Fast Turn Around

From the time you place your order today, until the time you have a completed website is guaranteed within the week, but usually completed within the first 72 hours. Our team works fast to get you up and going so you can immediately begin bringing new customers!

 We Do All the Work for You

After meeting with you, your new project manager will take the information you give him back to the team who will then create the first class website. This will leave your project virtually hassle free on your part so you can focus on your business!

 Track Your Results

If you would like to see who is hitting your website and when, we will show you how to get detailed information as to when they clicked on your website, from where they came, what pages they visited, the time they came and how long they stayed.

 Social Network Integration

We now have a new, free advertising and marketing tool called social network marketing. Utilizing websites like Facebook and Twitter gets your company in the face of your potential clients and best of all it’s absolutely free!



If you have any questions, comments or need help please contact us at:


Start Blast™ ( 800 ) 611-3372

12225 Greeenville Ave.

8th Floor

Dallas, Tx 75243


Or Call Your Project Manager Directly:


Only $350 (then $100 year)

Includes Everything you need for a website: Design, Setup, 1 year of Consulting, Hosting, Maintenance, Updates, Unlimited Email Addresses, Search Engine Optimization, Fast Turn Around, Social Network Integration and More



Frequently Asked Questions


What is the catch? Why is it so cheap?

Answer: We are looking to create a lifetime relationship between your company and ours. Therefore, we do not charge you a large up-front cost to get you started, but rather make it easy, affordable and beneficial every month so your company has reason to remain a member for life!

Do I have to know any HMTL, code language or anything at all about computers?

Answer: No. You will work one-on-one with your project manager over the phone who will guide you through the process and take the information you would like to add to your website. Our team does everything for you. You don’t even need to own a computer!

Once my website is active, will I be able to change and add to it?

Answer: Yes. The beauty of our system is that it comes complete with your very own Internet consultant who can make changes to your website live, over the phone or via email or even text. We make it as easy as possible for you so that you can work on your company and leave your web presence to us.

Can I edit text and even add my own images to the website?

Answer: Absolutely. Each page is FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE from text to images. After your initial interview with your project manger, our team will create what we think your company will like. From there, you and your project manager will tweak on your website until you get it the way you like it.

How long until my website is live?

Answer: The whole process is guaranteed to take less than 1 week, however, most have their websites up and running within 72 hours of signing up. Our team is extremely talented and efficient and will get your website exactly the way you like it in no time at all!

What information do I have to get together for my project manager?

Answer: Nothing. When you meet with your project manager, they will give you a quick interview about your company and the services you offer. We then take this information and create a website the way we think you would like it. From there, you can tell us what you want to change, add or take out. It really is that easy!

What if I have trouble using my new website?

Answer: No Problem. That is why your project manager is there for the lifetime of your website. Just shoot an email, text or pick up the phone and call them directly and they will be glad to assist.

Is this really as easy as it sounds, I’m not a “techie” computer person?

Answer: Yes. We’ve spent a lot of time and energy developing the perfect system for a highly functional, easy to use website that can be paired with a knowledgeable project manager. After your first meeting with your new project manager, you’ll quickly realize just how quick and easy it is!


Only $350 (then $100 year)

Includes Everything you need for a website: Design, Setup, 1 year of Consulting, Hosting, Maintenance, Updates, Unlimited Email Addresses, Search Engine Optimization, Fast Turn Around, Social Network Integration and More